Lessons learned from a life mostly traveled.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


So-li-ci-ta-tion (noun).

1. the act of soliciting.
2. entreaty, urging, or importunity; a petition or request.
3. enticement or allurement.

Un-so-li-ci-ta-tion (noun).

a word I made up to mean the exact opposite.

Inspired by the likes of Andy Rooney and a very interesting post on one of my favorite internet sounding boards, I've decided to develop a blog where I very give, every day, a different life lesson I've learned. Sometimes, they'll be brief, sometimes, they'll be fleshed out. And sometimes, they may be nothing more than a song I suggest or a burger I want you to try, because let's face it, as amazing as I am, not even I am profound EVERY day. Well...ok...I am most days.

Are you soliciting my advice or even asking to be bored with the lessons I've learned? Nope. And that's the point. Read it if you want. Don't if you don't. And always feel free to share what you've learned on any given day, because who knows...it might just help someone avoid the same mistake down the road.

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